Date an HIV+ Person?

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Navigating a Date with a HIV+ Person

If your partner is HIV+ and you are not or vice versa, engaging in unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviors can lead to transmission. As such, it is important that you understand different ways through which the virus can be transmitted before engaging in any risky behavior.

How HIV Can Be Transmitted

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus lives in specific body fluids including vaginal discharge, semen, blood, pre-seminal fluid, anal mucous, and breast milk. The virus can only be transmitted into the bloodstream via certain parts of the body including the penis and anal linings, mouth or a big and bleeding cut on the skin. Transmission can only occur if HIV is present in your partner and finds a way into your bloodstream.

Whenever the above fluids or parts of the body come together, an infection can take place. The main means of transmission include having unprotected sex with a HIV+ person and sharing needles with an infected person. Generally, it is not easy to tell how easy it can be for one to get HIV from an infected person. However, having unprotected sex on multiple occasions with an HIV+ person increases the risk.

There is nothing bad about dating someone with HIV. However, it is important that both of you talk about it openly beforehand and practice safe sex every time to ensure protection of the unaffected person.


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